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I had an idea over four years ago. The idea won't go away. The vision is still in my head. I have been married, changed jobs, moved and had a few other life changes. Still this idea wont leave me alone. So here it is being developed into a usefull toolset available to others. It's name is B.O.A.H.

Small Business Information Technolocy Specialists

W. E. Enterprises specializes in Small Business Information Technology implementation and support. Our focus is on optimizing technology and its use in your business, focused on how it will benefit you. We do not push technology for the sake of technology. We match technology with your needs and cost concerns in order to benefit you, our customer.

We will provide

EXPERIENCE - With over 16 years of Technology and Business experience we can help you resolve nearly every technical business challenge, often making difficult times more profitable.

INSIGHT - We will help you see clearly the possibilities and understand what it will take to make the possible reality.

EVALUATION - Using years of experience and taking advantage of the knowledge you have of your business, we will help you come to well grounded, focused Information Technology decisions that will positively affect your bottom line.

INTEGRATION -  When the EXPERIENCE, INSIGHT and EVALUATION have culminated into a business modification concept, we will be there to integrate the decision(s) into your business process. Properly staged, intelligent implementation can save thousands of lost production hours.

MONITORING and MANAGEMENT - When we have accomplished your goals of utilizing technology to improve your workflow and profitability, there is still more to think about. Confronting business challanges such as adapting to a new market circumstance or development of a long term customer contact system in order to continue your prosperous path. We'll be there, ready to help you monitor and manage your growing enterprise.